Yay – a Liebster Award from one of my favourite bloggers :) um, what’s a Liebster Award?


When Tracie McBride of Exquisite Corpse nominated me for a Liebster Award I had to think really hard – what is a Liebster Award?  And I had really no idea, but then again (having checked out the internet and and discovered it’s origins were  sharing the love for small blogs award) it seems nobody really knows where or how it started or exactly what it is.

So I’m going with what Tracie had up

But first I’d like to thank Tracie and all my followers here and on my other two blogs “an affliction of poetry“, and wizard’s guide to wellington


Rule 1)  Paste the award picture on the blog.

Rule 2)  provide 11 random facts about me and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated me (obviously notifying said person about this post).

Rule 3) Nominate some more people to answer the same questions.

Random Facts About Me

1) I have always been frightened of water

2) I am not left handed (unlike it seems the vast majority of authors and the current President of the USA)

3) I am a middle child

4) But for an accident of birth (I’m blaming my father’s PhD) I would be a seventh generation New Zealander

5) My writing heroes are Tolkien, Tolkien, Tolkien, Fiona Kidman, Frances Hardinge, Mary McCallum,  Dr Seuss, Judith Viorst, Peter Friend & Roald Dahl.

6) Two cats own my household and tonight they have decided to be stop-outs upsetting the whole house

7) My first job was a lab assistant at Victoria University, I worked with someone who had tested plastics for many years and his conclusion – never eat from the stuff – it’s poisonous as all heck.  Still, how else can one get enough ice-cream?

8) I didn’t learn to read until I was seven – it could have been the mild dyslexia – but my mother insists I refused to read until the books got interesting…

9)  Wizard’s Guide to Wellington was envisioned when my children were in preschool, going up hill and down dale through Wellington, riding on the cablecar, walking through the Botanic gardens, checking out Seatoun beach, the museum, the city itself and across to Eastbourne – the book itself changed dramatically over time from a “guide” to a novel and wasn’t actually published until over ten years later.

10) Mad science is probably my fav writing topic, that and fairy tales

11) This isn’t my only award.

The 11 Questions asked.

1) Before now, had you ever heard of the Liebster Award?


2) Before now, had you ever heard of me?

Cheers Tracie, strange question, you were the newbie in my fav. writer’s group of all time  – strange how things are always in a total state of flux.

3) How long have you been blogging?

21/5/10  with a blog post titled appropriately, “The Beginning”

4) What is the primary purpose of your blog?

Um.  Which blog? An Affliction of Poetry was started so I could be part of the Tuesday Poem hub , because it’s fun to be part of a community and I thought what the heck poetry doesn’t pay anyway, and Wizard’s Guide is…nuts it’s supposed to be promote my book but I really have fun with it – and Ike is always around to add his own special brand of crazy…and then there’s this one…shameless promotion and so I almost never post to it.  There’s always something far more exciting to do.

5) Where do your blogging ideas come from?

Ideas?  Where do any ideas come from? Things I do, see, touch, smell, taste, hear and read – oh and from the voices of characters in my head – that’s not odd now – is it?

6) Do you blog according to a schedule or is it more random?

Hmmm.  Tuesday Poem thing keeps me posting most Tuesdays but apart from that its pretty random.

7) If you have a day job, what is it? If not, just say something interesting.

I work as a relief teacher, and help out at the local art gallery/bookshop including designing calendars, advertising, and that sort of thing.

8) Which search engine is set as default on your browser?


9) Did you have to check your browser before answering #8?


10) What is the title of the last book you read?

Stella Gemmel’s “The City”  (And yes it’s not out yet)

11) Have you ever met a famous person?

No/Yes.   I guess it depends on what you mean by “famous”  Dad’s a well known artist and I meet him all the time.  I even waited in a queue once to meet a famous actor – and ended up talking to the person next to him about writing.  Don’t get me wrong, meeting a “famous” person is fun, but writing is MORE exciting 🙂

so there we have it my sharing the love award, now it’s time to appreciate some of my fav bloggers – but there’s so many so appologies if you have been missed out 🙂  –  (6)  Mary McCallum, Helen Lowe, Tim Jones (Books in the Trees), Michelle Elvy (Glowworm),   Helen McKinlay, Bliss and the Retiree


About ajponder

A.J. Ponder is the award winning author of Wizard's Guide to Wellington, Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death, as well as a number of well-regarded short stories, including Dying for the Record.
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