Shortlisted – twice

Extremely excited – the nominations haven’t even hit the SFFANZ website – but they will – and when they do I’ll be checking a couple of times just to make sure I didn’t just dream it.

The field was pretty tough this year if the SpecFicNZ website is any indication.  “Dying for the Record” made it somehow made it in against heaps of others including 19 SpecFicNZ short stories published all around the globe.  Mine was published by an offshoot of New Scientist  – you can read it here

And of course my alter ego (one of them), would be extremely upset if I didn’t mention Wizard’s Guide to Wellington made it into the “Best Youth Novel.”   Ike thinks his is the best story ever, especially as it has two legends from two completely different worlds on the back cover.

Fiona Kidman and Mrs Bee — ok, so Mrs Bee says, “You cannot trust anything this book says, it’s all far too exciting to be true.” But that’s only because she’s doing her job and trying to downplay the truth.  Wellington is magical – and just a little bit dangerous – so watch your step!



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