Free – ebooks today 19th and tomorrow 20th December

Yes, I have two books for free over 2 days, that’s right FREE! here

why not pick them up?

Kindle Wizard's GuideWizard’s Guide to Wellington is a magical adventure set in Wellington. The perfect book to read anyone who lives in, has visited, or is planning to visit Wellington. You may think hobbits and elves and wizards are the only things worth seeing in this, the capital city of New Zealand, but there are some secrets below the surface that are only revealed to a special few. Yes, the real Wellington is far more dangerous and far more magical than you could ever imagine with a quick visit, the Museum, the waterfront, and the taniwha lying underneath Miramar itself. You can visit the paces in this book, and explore a Wellington that was always there – but you never knew existed!

Also The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales is free, 31 stories by 27 amazing authors, and believe me one of my best stories is here – for absolutely FREE (Dear Santa – affectionately known by my fans as Kev’s Christmas Letters, it’s unmissable and it’s free. And the great thing about the anthology is it’s perfect for younger book enthusiasts and bed-time reading.

Have fun and enjoy the festive season, by relaxing with great books!


I ask not that my city, but all, give themselves to the essence of our cult – the ritual assembly of an interested coterie in a space where magic can be made and miracles occur – plaque on Wellington Waterfront

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