Where I am interviewed by RC Bean and you can see a chapter of my latest book

RC Bean is the author of SiMPLiREAD a “book”ly blog… 🙂 and also a popular author in her own right, having just released “Winter Leaves.”

Check it out for a chance to win an ebook AND to check out for – Christmas in an Evil Criminal Mastermind’s Bunker  – an as yet unpublished chapter of Miss Lilly Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death.

 The interview with Beanie starts…

Firstly I’d like to thank you for this opportunity, what a wonderful website for authors and readers.

  • How does a typical book get written in your world – what do you start with?

    I love writing, so a typical book starts with an idea and a character. Lilly Lionheart started as a girl genius fused with dangerous genetically designed animals Mastermind’s Lair. The evil mastermind idea never quite panned out as the character decided to be pompous rather than clever, but the whole mad science angle was fun. On the other hand, Wizard’s Guide to Wellington’s inspiration was in a round-about way The Hobbit. Tolkien used the countryside of Britain to create a legend he felt Britain lacked, discovering a “forgotten” history. As New Zealand and specifically Wellington already had its own legends, it was a matter of discovering how the local landmarks and legends interacted to create a very magical and dangerous city.

    • How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself?

    The difference between the protagonists and myself, are my protagonists are awesome. They’re adventurous and fun, if a little bit flawed. I’m deeply flawed…

    For more go here to http://simpliread.blogspot.co.nz/2015/01/author-promo-spotlight-alicia-ponder.html.

    Enjoy!  And don’t forget to order my new book Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death – Part 1 :Once Bitten


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