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Dying for the Record was an award winning story sponsored by Arc and the Tomorrow Project, and indirectly by New Scientist. I originally had more technical detail about the mono-molecular barrier proposed in the story, but the idea of  so many technically competent readers was too much, so smoke and mirrors…which made for a better story anyway.

At the Edge

murray-at-the-edgeI think this anthology contains one of the best stories I’ve ever written, Blindsight is a story of the power of stories, but not in the uplifting sense, as the legend of Rapunzel is brought into a modern setting and twisted…

Lost in the Museum

The Sir Julius Award winning Lost in the Museum. was a little brain project of Phoenix Writer’s Group. I just love the cover artwork by Geoff Popham & it has three of my stories in it, including one written with Eileen Mueller. It also has stories by Tim Jones, Lyn McConchie, and Phillip Mann (nominated for the Arthur C.Clark Award 2014)  and Tracie McBride of Dark Continents Publishing and more. I was involved in th978-0-473-28320-9e layout and other technical details of the book, as well as Miss Pennyweather’s sections that create a narrative between the stories.

Get lost in a museum where past, present and future collide. What does Weta’s giant mechanical baby do after hours? Who is altering the time space continuum? Where or when has James gone? What secrets is Tui Merriweather hiding? Dive into mayhem at a well-known Wellington waterfront destination. Going to the museum will never be the same again.


Available on Amazon (horror not for children), the ebook published late Disquiet Anthology2014

Non Fiction

Those who like art may also recognise A.J.(and Richard Ponder’s) Caught on Canvas, which has just as much, or possibly more, SpecFic than anyone should squeeze into an art book on Wellington. Painted Days is also available.

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