Twisty Christmas Tales feature Joy Cowley, David Hill & Dave Freer

Why I’m so busy…working on this fantastic anthology…

Phantom Feather Press

We have fantastic news! We received so many amazing Christmas stories that we’ve expanded our anthology.

From the outset, we had anticipated accepting 25 stories, but now 27 wonderful authors have 31 quirky stories in The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales. We’d like to thank all of our our writers—including iconic NZ authors Joy Cowley and David Hill, and best-selling Australian sci-fi author Dave Freer.

For a full list of Twisty Christmas Tales authors, see below.

Our illustrator Geoff Popham has been doodling since he was tiny. Now he’s not so tiny and he’s still at it, working as a freelance graphic designer, illustrating books when no one’s looking. He’s been working hard to create twisty illustrations for our stories. Stay tuned to see more of Geoff’s great twisty Christmas art.

Geoff Popham Twisty Christmas Santa sleigh over Auckland Santa over Auckland by Geoff Popham

In the meantime, join us on our sleigh as we whip across…

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